By : Giovani

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Me and My Lovely Family


...Keluarga P.Turnip,SE..

I Love them so much. There are my mother, my big bradda, and my lil' sista.. They are so precious for me. They are my power to be alive.. Because of them, I can be a person like now. I can't life without them. Love you so much daddy, mommy, my brothers and also my sisters.
This is my father.. He is so Bawel..
I think, My father is so strange people.. "sometimes"
But he is so loyal for me and others.. :D
I love you so much daddy !!!!
And this is my big sister. Her name is Meri. She is a very very good sister in this world. Why ? Because she is very diligent at home. I feel so lucky to have a sister like her. But sometimes, She makes me so angry because She likes to use my clothes without permission before. ^^ But actually, I love her so much. I hope that, someday I'll be a proud sister for you too sis..

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